Day 65: Glad to Be Back!

Thursday, Jan 4

Physics: Air pressure! We had a reading quiz, and then we talked about atmospheric pressure vs liquid pressure, how barometers work, how pumps work, and then I got water all over EVERYTHING trying to see what different things the atmosphere would hold up on a turned-over cup with some water in it. So, I had students take turns explaining how barometers work to one another while I cleaned up. I’m the reason I can’t have nice things.

Honors Physics: The students continue working on their light behaviors lessons they’ll be teaching next week. Two of the groups are digging through my supplies of lenses and mirrors and discussing which ones would be best to use in their demo/activity, trying to figure out how they work, experimenting with different set ups and a laser pointer, and building different things to use in their lesson. Another group is “making their title really cool”. You can’t win ’em all.

AP Physics: We began with doing ranking problems and TIPERs on electric fields, and then we went over distributed charges once again for a rid of length L and a rod infinitely long. I also looked up a pacing guide for E&M to see if I was on the right track, and it set aside 10 days for each of electrostatics, circuits, and magnetism. I’m thinking their days must be longer than my days of 40 or 45 minutes. They set aside 45 days for all of Mechanics, which I was able to do in about 60 days. So, we’re definitely on different schedules, but I figure not quite doubling it is a fine pace to finish E&M by the end of March and have all of April to review.

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