Day 63 and 64: Last Day Before and First Day After Break

Friday, Dec 15

Last day before break. We were all burned as could be and just kinda muddled through the day. The kids and I were each the other’s last obstacle between ourselves and break, which was respected on both sides in terms of trying to make life easy and reasonable.

Wednesday, Jan 3

First day back!! Woo! I’m super happy to be back at work. I for serious love this life.

Physics: Reviewed Hooke’s Law lab and Archimedes Principle lab, so I finally got to tell my Naked Eureka story about the (supposedly) gold crown, and we all had tons of fun. Then we talked about dam walls and where more or less pressure is felt on a dam wall.

Honors Physics: Before break we spent a week going over reflection, refraction, diffraction, and interference at a surface level, so now their job is to take each one and learn enough about it in groups to explain the use of that phenomenon (telescopes, microscopes, lasers, etc). Each group gets one day of class (so 40 minutes) and has to do a presentation, a demonstration, and an activity or discussion. They’ll be working on this the rest of this week, and I’ll be bouncing between groups to help them with demos and activities, which will let me make sure the things that I want them all to see are in there. Bwahaha!

AP Physics: Before break we spent a week going over electrostatics (force, field, potential energy, and potential) at the AP B level. They picked up the basics super duper fast of how to use the equations and find the different things, but it’s been 2.5 weeks, so today started with a review via compare/contrast of all four concepts followed by a practice AP B problem that had them use all of the ideas in problem solving. Tomorrow is our double block, but I’m not super confident on AP C electrostatics labs, especially since it rained today and will still be super humid tomorrow, so I think we’ll take the time to work on calculating fields and potentials of extended objects, since setting up integrals needs lots of practice and trial/error.

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