Day 53: Naval Postgraduate School Open House

Friday, Dec 1

I took the afternoon off to go to the NPS open house. We checked out their robotics lab, the anechoic chamber, watched an optics demo show (with a cool polarization demo I am so, so stealing, where you have two crossed polarizers with space between them, and when you pop in a regular pair of glasses you can see the stress inside the glass. Super neat!), and generally walked around a lot. We talked for a long time with the folks who make swarms of autonomous drones that work together like a school of fish or a flock of sparrows, and it was some pretty neat science. Also horrifying to recognize how much of this neat science is used for government sanctioned murder. I rationally know that the military is out there murdering people right now, every day, but seeing how proud they are of the technology we now have to be better at murder was a little chilling. I’m not a pacifist by any stretch, but I’m really uncomfortable with extrajudicial killing. I also can’t believe that is a contentious opinion to have, but there we are.

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