Dorm Duty: Days 2 & 3

Ah, Saturday room inspections. This is when we go into the rooms and blatantly paw through their belongings looking for contraband. Weekday inspections are basically, “Is your room a livable space?” but Saturday room inspections are Serious Business. I did not find any contraband, but I did find a few things that required some interesting conversations. I also had to help a student find en envelope of drugs she lost, but the drugs were all OTC and from the nurse for her to use over the weekend, so it was a legit drug envelope. After she looked “everywhere” for “like five minutes” I helped her with the search and found it in the purse she had used yesterday after I told her the story of how many times G and I have had to dig through piles of laundry looking for car keys we stuck in our pockets.

My coveted trip to see Thor: Ragnarok that I have literally been planning since I first knew I would be on duty this weekend back in September ended up being a bust. Everyone who wanted to see it did so last weekend, and the on-the-fence folks thought leaving for that long on the weekend before finals would not be a good use of time. Fair enough. Dang students, being all responsible with their time. Harrumph. So instead G and I set up the VR system in the common room and a bunch of kids sliced fruit and bashed song notes and shot arrows. A good time was had by all.

After dinner check-in I visited another faculty’s event and had a tiny root beer float (goodness knows I don’t need a pint of A&W rootbeer at 7pm), and then I had two whole hours and a half to do whatever I wanted before evening Face-to-Face and bed checks.

Sunday: I had a tie-dye party as my Sunday activity, and it was super fun. A ton of kids showed up, and they used up every single bit of the dye.



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