Day 45 & 46: Finishing Up

Tuesday and Wednesday, Nov 7 & 8

I forgot to do this yesterday, so I’ll combine yesterday with today.

Physics: Yesterday we started the conversations about gravity with the inverse square law and proportionalities, and today we reviewed the exam. The overall grades were much higher than they are when students work individually, as expected, but they weren’t all super high, which did surprise me. Turns out a group exam doesn’t end up with everyone copying and getting everything perfect. Then there was the one kid who convinced half the class he was right when he was not, so everyone he convinced lost those points, but overall I did like the group exam format. Maybe I’ll do half and half next term or try something else different. They had a lot of really good conversations.

Honors Physics: We finished up reviewing the rotational motion problems, reviewed the homework, and then started on the review. I had them start by listing all the major topics we have covered, then divided them up into groups to choose one topic and write one practice problem, and then write any practice problem on any topic they like. All the shared documents are getting a little unwieldy, but I think we can have a good conversation tomorrow about what makes a good or bad practice problem. I’ll also give them some released AP1 problems

AP Physics: As planned, yesterday we did rotational dynamics, and today we did rotational momentum. The second class went quite a bit faster, so I also had them work through more of the Knight workbook for Chapter 12 for conceptual practice. The students seemed to understand it all pretty well, so tomorrow we’ll begin working on released AP C FR problems. I realized there are TWO topics we haven’t covered yet rather than just one (spring oscillators AND Universal Gravitation), so I’ll have to adjust my plans after Thanksgiving, but I’m not going to try to cram any more information in this term. We have plenty of time. Fingers crossed I don’t have to eat those words alongside my Easter ham.

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