Day 44: Sub Plans

I’m off to the NCNAAPT Conference today. I’m still debating about going to the Friday night stuff in San Francisco, but either way I want to avoid the miserable Friday-afternoon Bay-Area traffic, so I’m leaving early. I was at my first AP class today, and I’m going to get Honors started on rotational motion practice problems, but I’m heading out before my second AP class or Physics Regular. I haven’t taken any time off for any reason so far this year, so I don’t feel too bad about taking an afternoon to get mentally ready for a conference I’m presiding over. I haven’t had to be “on” and “peopling” for that length of time in a while, so I know I’ll need some downtime beforehand to build up my energy reserves.

Physics: The other physics teacher will do the review for the exam, so I know they’re in good hands. My only worry is that they’ll like him so much more than me that they’ll all ask to switch classes or tell their friends how much better he is. He is a cool dude and a super fun person.

Honors Physics: I have a set of rotational review problems with complete solutions for them to work on together in class plus a set of three problems that only give the numerical answer for them to do separately as homework. I’m going to try to set Greg Jacob’s “Five Foot Rule” for the homework and see what they think.

AP Physics: They’re using this time to continue working on the lab from yesterday, and the first class all needed it and used it. I’m excited to see the results and their conclusions and how they justified them. It’s due next lab, so next Thursday, but I wanted to give them this second day in-class to work together and not have to find extra time in their schedules to meet.

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