Day 42: Pseudoscience and Rotating Things

Physics: Angular momentum. We were able to finish with a few minutes to spare, so I again opened up the floor to questions. The first question was, “Where did you get your pig hat?” I told them about PTSOS, and the next question was whether they would have to know the pseudoscience from the previous chapter. Uh, no. So then they asked about horoscopes and personality tests, and one student then brought up religion, but that was at the very end of class, so there was no time to go into that deeply. I offered to have that conversation with him any time he liked, and I kinda hope he takes me up on that.

Honors Physics: I started trying to go through the same exercises as AP, but I told them yesterday to remind me to go over the lab knowing I would forget. On the lab, it was easy for them to follow instructions and see what happened, but it was super hard for them to figure out the reasoning and the WHYs of the different behaviors in the torque simulation. After we went through the first page once, I asked what the questions were, and most of them still didn’t really understand, so we went through the explanations one more time with a more conceptual focus, and they really started to get it. We’ve got a lot more work to do, but the lab yesterday and today’s discussion laid a pretty good foundation for the future.


AP Physics: Today we spent the time going through a bunch of the conceptual questions from the Knight workbook. The students had some good conversations. I did almost no talking other than to encourage more discussion or ask questions to help them uncover more depth to their thinking in the first class. It was pretty great. The second class needed some more support, so there was also some board-work during this class to show them how to find ratios of various moment of inertias and think through how to approach things.

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