Day 40: This is How We Roll

Monday, Oct 30

This morning I talked to the radio teacher about possibly using the studio to record an education podcast of some sort, and she instead offered to give me an hour-long radio show. So… if I were to do a biweekly or monthly hour-long education/ science/ history/ something radio show, what would you want to listen to me talk about? This whole idea escalated very quickly, so I have some thinking to do.

Physics: Today is torque. Somehow all the classes managed to meet right here this week talking about rotational motion and torque. Tomorrow is the last day of rotation for this class, so they will quickly diverge once more, but I’m glad that they’re all right here together when I am making a concerted effort to really drill down into rotational motion and improve this unit.

AP Physics & Honors Physics: Everyone’s caught up! Rotational kinematics. I pulled out the conceptual questions from the Knight workbook to connect rotational kinematics to linear kinematics, and then gave out some practice problems for students to do in pairs asking them to apply these ideas and fool with the linear to rotational switches. I need to use TIPERs and these workbook problems more often, and I will as I get into material with which I’m less familiar (lots of calc-based E&M. I’m super good on the conceptual stuff, but I haven’t taught the calc-based E&M before). I’m glad this first term was so far all stuff I can teach without needing to review any content, but that ends literally right now with this rotational stuff.

I took a textbook and all the released AP problems related to rotation starting back in 1999. I took the AP C: Mech test as a student back in 2000, so it was neat to re-visit that problem now. I’m discovering that the content is coming pretty easily, but I am ruining myself on the algebra. Turns out I need to slow down, show more steps, and stop trying to do it all in my head! I wonder where I’ve heard that advice before…


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