Day 39: I’m So Torqued

Friday, Oct 27

Physics: Torque! First a quiz. Then we briefly talked torque, but everyone was so fried that I skipped ahead to talk about center of mass and toppling. I didn’t scout walls ahead of time and ended up using the back of the building, which was not at all ideal, but it got the job done. Lots of kids falling all over the place. My job here is done.

Honors Physics: Finishing up banked curves and then took a turn into rotational motion. It was a glorious mess of a class where I showed them all the basic notation and ideas of rotational motion somewhat conceptually, and then we’ll bring in a more mathematical treatment after this weekend so I have a chance to brush up on it. This has always been my weakest topic since I took AP C: Mech when I was a junior in high school. I am determined to learn it as deeply as I know the other topics in mechanics. This weekend we’re going to G’s grampa’s 90th birthday, which is an eight-hour drive there and back, so I’ll be taking a textbook with me to study.

AP Physics: Horizontal motion, banked curves, etc. The two classes are caught up now, and on Monday we’ll finish banked curves and move on to rotational motion, which is a place where my knowledge at the calculus level also needs some work. I’ve printed out every single AP C: Mech question that deals with rotational stuff going back to 2000. Gonna do so many practice problems on that drive.

I did not assign homework over the weekend because so many students have college apps due Nov 1, and I want to give them extra time to work on those.

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