Day 34: All the Pendula

Friday, Oct 20 (I got the flu shot Friday at lunch, which is still affecting my energy level, but I will catch up)

Physics: Review questions for the exam. Every time I feel super rushed to get through all ten review problems and the last few always get a short shrift. I think I need to change that around a bit and do two reviews.

Honors Physics: Continuing our pendulum discussion. We practiced a problem where we had to figure out the maximum height a pendulum could be released without breaking the rope, how fast it was going when it reached the bottom, the final velocity of an object if the pendulum bob collided with it at the bottom, and all the related projectile motion things after the collision with the object.

AP Physics: The classes are out of sync again. One class needed no homework review, and the other class needed almost the entire class of homework review, so now I’m working on bringing them back into sync. I had them figure out what the basic relationships were between period of a pundulum, amplitude, mass of bob, and length of string, and their homework was to use the data we took to make a prediction about a 2m long pendulum that we would test in class on Monday with the request they not just look up the equation. The other class got as far as the anatomy of a pendulum, but there wasn’t time for them to do the activity.

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