Parent’s Weekend


Friday session: All the parents were SUPER sweet. They all just want the best for their kids and for us to be a team in helping their kids be as successful as possible. They’ve all asked about me and how I’m liking it here, wished me the best, and been overwhelmingly appreciative. It’s been WAY different than my previous school where you pretty much only met with parents when they were upset about something, so it was always an experience in humility and starting from an adversarial place where my job was to pacify them so they left happy and stopped complaining rather than have a real conversation about how to help their kid learn. I like this version of conferences much better.

Saturday session: I had two parents, one at 8am and another at 11:40am. In between I finished all of my outstanding grading, watched the new live action Beauty and the Beast movie, and knitted almost an entire scarf.

Sunday – Monday: Rested. Knitted. Did some spinning. RELAXED. It was awesome to actually have two days in a row where I could just hang out and didn’t have anywhere to be or anything to do. I don’t think I’ll have that again until Thanksgiving break.

Tuesday: Started grad school for an MS in Curriculum and Instruction. Finished the orientation which very nicely explained to me how to use gmail, defined growth mindset was, and told me how to set and achieve goals. I can absolutely see where folks who are either just starting undergrad or who haven’t been to school or in education for a long time would need some of those reminders, but for me this was largely an exercise in starting videos, wandering off, and coming back to start the next video. Got help from G to get my real desk set up in my office upstairs instead of using a folding table that I’d have to clean off and break down every time we wanted it for something else. Now that I have the furniture I want in there, I need to get to decorating and hanging up paintings, framing prints, and be surrounded by awesome things besides books on physics and how to teach physics.

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