Day 30: PSAT

Spent my morning proctoring the PSAT. I liken it to waiting at the DMV, only far less interesting. At least at the DMV there’s people watching. Because five of the eight class periods were canceled, I only saw two of my classes.

Honors Physics: Conservation of Energy following Tuesday’s hopper popper lab. I lectured, because this week has not been conducive to planning out detailed activities. So I gave my song and dance about the conservation problem solving process and we did some practice problems. I asked the students if they preferred this way of learning over the way I did things before this week, and there was a literal unanimous chorus of, “THIS!” I know students

AP Physics: Only saw one of my two classes, and since Tuesday for the 40 minute class I let them work on corrections, this class we went through the practice AP Problems. I approached it a little differently, doing the 2006 question on one side of the board and the 2012 question on the other side so the students could directly compare them side-by-side and not hopping back and forth quite so much. I did the first two parts of one question, then the first two parts of the other question, since both questions started with conservation of energy and then used conservation of momentum for a collision. Both questions also had a question about the collision being elastic or inelastic, so we did those two parts of the questions together. After that the questions diverged, so we finished each individually, but I felt like it was good to start with showing the exact same techniques for very different-looking problems so they at least have some concept of looking at the big picture rather than focusing on the picture.

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