Day 28: Understanding Car Crashes

Physics: Went over the momentum lab from Thursday, which was a horrible joke of a non-working lab. It was cool to see things bouncing around on an air track, but the data first showed a HUGE increase in momentum after the collision. We did a sanity check on the data, found a reasonable correction to make (order of magnitude error), which then gave us an enormous reduction in momentum, so obviously mistakes were made. Whether in recording which time went with which photogate or that those air tracks are far worse than I thought, it was an exercise is telling student what should have really happened instead of what actually did happen, which I hate SO MUCH. I’m really strongly considering

Honors Physics: We watched the video the first time before the weekend, but we watched it again today with the organizer questions for them to fill out and then went over the questions to make sure they were taking away the right message. There was the usual confusion about how the people in the cars feel different forces when the two cars each feel the same force, but we’re still working through that thinking. They’ll get there.

AP Physics: Watched the car crash video and then did a compare/contrast of momentum and kinetic energy afterwards followed by a short lecture and some practice questions applying the ideas.

Today was an intentionally low-key day, because I had a super exhausting weekend and had not yet recovered.


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