Day 27: AP Test and momentum lab

Physics: Quiz, review quiz, do lab in last ten minutes with bouncing air track carts.

Honors Physics: Handed back exams, watched “Understanding Car Crashes”.

AP Physics: Midterm exam. Turned out the last two parts of the second free response were hellaciously hard. Oops. We’ll have some good conversations about it, though.

This is a four-day week where I’ve been working overtime to finish all grading, write exams, grade exams, and write comments so I can leave this weekend to go on a trip without any guilt. I do not think I am going to make that goal, but I am going to work my fingers off trying. I’ll hopefully feel more inspired to do some in-depth posting and analysis/reflection next week, but right now I’m pretty burned and need some time to rest. We have tomorrow off teaching, so I’m taking it off blogging and will return on Monday hopefully rejuvenated and ready to reflect away.

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