Day 26: Still a Chill Week

Physics: Today I handed back the graded exams and all the corrections I had re-graded and students spent the time working on corrections in groups and asking me questions as needed. I really feel a strong need to get out of the students’ ways on this process. They need to think it through and figure out their own mistakes and process it themselves. The ones who weren’t doing corrections were asked to either help classmates who were or do something productive with the time that was not distracting to others. Kids worked super hard and were very engaged in understanding the material.

Honors Physics: Exam day! Two goal-less problems.

AP Physics: More practice for tomorrow’s exam. This time I gave them 14 multiple choice questions and 18 minutes to finish them so they would know what the timing felt like, and then gave them another free response problem to work through afterwards. Again, I gave them the resources and stayed out of their way unless they had a question they couldn’t figure out on their own.

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