Day 9: Exam Review, Etc.

Monday, Sept 11

Physics: I did some data analysis earlier in the day to keep track of how many students missed each question so I could be certain to go over the biggies after I handed them back, but I started out letting them get a head start on corrections by working together, because them talking about stuff is so much more valuable than me telling them stuff. I also decided the grade distribution (Tests 25%, Engagement 25%, Labs 30%, Quizzes 20%). One of the students actually gave me a hug he was so happy about it. I’m glad he’s glad, but now I’m a little worried that there’s something wrong with it if they’re that relieved. The last 15 minutes of class I went over the biggies and answered questions they couldn’t figure out talking together.

Physics Honors: Inertia Stations! This time I have pictures!


Same deal as last time. They did the stations, and then we debriefed. Everyone had fun, and I think the idea sank in. They were really taken aback at the idea that sometimes a bigger, faster forces causes less motion in a thing than a smaller, slower force. This physics stuff is weird, I tell you what.

AP Physics: Today was AP Practice. I handed out a packet of multiple choice and they worked a couple in pairs and presented their solutions to their classmates. Some of the questions were reasonable, and a few of them were silly hard. I really, really need to re-up my knowledge of differential equations and calculus techniques. I can still do basic integrals and derivatives, but related rates and things like going from velocity as a function of position to velocity as a function of time is not a thing that makes sense to me anymore. Google didn’t do a whole lot to help me out, either. I found a few solutions and examples, but they were very hard to follow. I’ve lost many more higher math skills than I realized.

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