Day 10: Sick and Pathetic

Tuesday, Sept 12

I’m sick. This sucks. They don’t really have sub situations here, so my choices were to suck it up or cancel class, so I sucked it up. My sinuses/ears/nose are clogged, my voice is super froggy and cutting out every few words, and I have a bit of a cough. I blame the dorm environment. There’s a cold going around, and I think I managed to catch it. These dang kids are a buncha little disease vectors. They’re amazing and I adore them, but that doesn’t change their germtasticness.

Physics: We watched videos about free fall. I genuinely think they probably got more out of the videos than they would out of me trying to froggy my way through an explanation. I tried to play the video from the textbook author that goes with that section of the textbook, and I stopped it after five minutes and apologized because HOLY SMOKES was that excruciating. We watched the video of the biggest vacuum chamber, a couple Veritasium episodes about falling objects, and a Flipping Physics about the basics of free-fall. I think the Flipping Physics video was too advanced for this class, which is good to know for the future. I’ll see how it goes with Honors and AP someday later if I need another “no talking” day.

Honors Physics: Lab day! They’re also doing basics of gravity and free fall plus a treatment of air resistance, so I handed them lab instructions and let them go to have the discussions and answer a series of questions. It doesn’t have as many measurements as I would prefer, but it does have some good observations to make and discrepancies to reconcile (dropping five things at the same time and observing drop order then figuring out how to explain it when everything ‘should’ be hitting at the same time). The last 20 minutes was for the lab quiz on CAPM and CVPM where I gave them some questions for multiple representations and applying the model to a graph. The AP class did pretty good with this, so we’ll see how these kids do.

AP Physics: Today was supposed to also be a discussion of mass, weight, and free-fall, but I’m in no condition for a thorough AP treatment of such a topic, so they’re doing practice free response problems after the practice multiple choice yesterday. It’s still a constructive use of their time, and I had a few days planned in just for practice problems, anyway, so I just switched around a few days and don’t have to do any major re-scheduling.

I really, really hope I feel better tomorrow.

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