Day -1: Planning? What planning?

It wasn’t until about 8:30pm that I actually got the urge to begin planning. I’ve been doing a few things here and there, but with pretty much the entire curriculum spelled out for me already, I didn’t feel like there was all that much to do until I actually got in the thick of things and figured out the structures. I got some stuff put on the LMS and then figured I’d just wing it. I’m way better at winging things than spending forever pre-planning when I have almost no idea what I’ll be walking in to.

Otherwise, it was a really good day of hanging out with kids, taking a nap, having dorm dinner, going to vespers in the chapel where one of the faculty talked about his summer trip to Ghana in an amazingly inspirational reminder about the opportunities we have and how thousands of kids try out for 10-12 spots in this academy for football (soccer) along with extremely strong academic programs. Everything I experience makes me feel more and more like this is the place for me.

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