Day 1: Intros

10:50am: One of the beautiful things about the boarding community is that I got out of bed at 7:10 and had time to get ready including makeup, print out the documents I needed, eat breakfast with colleagues, and still make it to the opening assembly at 8am. The assembly itself was pretty great with some good messages about community and integrity. Following that was my first meeting with my advisory kids. I only have four, and one hasn’t arrived yet, so I only had three today. They’re all exceptional young women, and I look forward to working with them this year. We were given this lesson plan with a very structured schedule that did not work at all for my group of 3. There was no need for circle practices or talking pieces or pair interviews. We could just talk like people. I did use the questions as conversation prompts, but mostly asked them specific things to get information I could use to support them and help them in the areas they need it most. We set weekly meetings so I’ve got a time to see each one of them outside official group meetings to have a face-to-face check in. As we were leaving, one of them gave me a gorgeous wooden comb from China. I have short hair, but it’s a beautiful display piece. I love it!

My first class after that was AP Physics C with seven kids. I did the intros and stuff and then asked them if they had access to their textbook yet. NOPE! It was supposed to be their job over the summer to get the textbook sorted, but not all of them did. So very first thing the lesson plans I was given all have to be adjusted. Also, tomorrow night is a dorm meeting, so all the boarding kids will only have reduced study time, so I feel like I need to give them reduced homework. I’ll figure it out, I’m sure. We did some conversation prompts about what were their worries, their hopes, and what helps/hinders their learning, and then I took questions. This whole “using someone else’s curriculum” thing is already chafing.

My second class was the regular physics. We did intros, went over the first two weeks since there’s quizzes, and then I gave groups of three a set of three hangars and some pliers to make a structure to support a textbook at least 6″ off the table. None of them were succeeding, so I told them I’d give them a little more time to sort it out next class after the quiz. That’s already going off book, so I’ll have to figure out how to catch up with the content on Day 2. I’ll make it happen.

1:00pm: After lunch was Honors Physics, where I messed up royally and will have to do some work to bring it back. I had the bright idea to have students address envelopes to parents/family/etc. so that I could send notes home about them, and one girl said she had no family or friends that would want to get a note from her and almost started crying. I ended up suggesting that she address them to her advisor here on campus, but I felt like a hot garbage dumpster fire. The next class I changed my pitch to be any adult who might want to hear nice things about them, on or off campus, because I KNOW there are adults here on campus who would want to hear nice things about them. But, wow, do I feel like a heel for not realizing the possibility of that earlier. I figured “a parent or family member” would cover those who live with a different guardian, but NOW I KNOW IT DOES NOT.

3:00pm: After my second AP class, which went much like the first, the student in charge of Robotics stopped by for a meeting and we talked about a bunch of things to get started for the club this year. I have some tasks, he has some tasks, everyone has some tasks. Also, I have to plan everything for all four classes tomorrow. WHAT IS THIS? I’m so spoiled by a block schedule that I haven’t yet wrapped my mind around the fact that I’ll see all my kids every day. It’s a super weird concept after five years of block schedules. I kinda like it, though. Tomorrow both AP classes have lab, so I’ll need to plan for that tonight.

5:00pm: I hate the Hewitt book so freaking much.

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