Day -3: New Student Arrival

Today all the new students arrived. We were instructed to dress as professionally as we could and make everything look super nice on campus, so I pulled out my tailored suit that I got this spring for job interviews, wore to exactly one interview, and then either forgot or just didn’t wear to any others. That one where I wore the suit? The one school that didn’t make me an offer. So, now I know that I don’t need a suit for an interview and I also have a suit for special occasions, so I guess good news all around.

Anyway, my dorm is 10-12th grade, and most of the newbies are freshmen, so we only had four students to sort out, all boys. So from 10:45-2:30, I got to hang out in the common room with prefects, other dorm staff, some new students, and some new student parents. And sometimes it was just me walking laps around the common room because the furniture in there is uncomfy to the max and sitting for too long hurt my back.

The head prefect is a strip fencer, so we talked swords for a while and I brought out my wedding sword and hopefully caught the interest of a few folks. G super wants to lead a club to teach historical fencing, so we’ll try to get started on that in a couple weeks once school settles in a bit.

I also got a chance to meet the parents/guardians of my advisees, who were all just wonderful people. I told them about myself and asked them questions about their daughters, they asked me questions about my role and what I would be doing, and I really felt like we bonded nicely. One of my advisees is from China, and she brought her parents to me to explain they didn’t speak English very well, but they communicated very well and asked and answered questions just fine. Needing to pause to think or try a few words out in the sentence does not a bad speaker make. I do that in English all the time, and it’s my first language. I 100% respect the courage and effort it takes to learn a second language, much less have an extended conversation using pretty specific vocabulary to describe your daughter to her future advisor. It was a good meeting, and I’m looking forward to meeting the kids here in a few days for sure.

Other activities included a parent reception with some really dang good food where I mostly chatted with other faculty members followed by Parent Goodbyes and then a dorm dinner where the new students got a chance to mingle with the students who are here for pre-season sports plus the prefects and other student leaders. G and I hung out with the other adults, and it’s weird for me to now be one of the adultier adults working with colleagues who are in some cases significantly younger than me. Like “just graduated from college” younger than me. I’ve been the young upstart for so long working with people decades older than me that it’s pretty refreshing to have a wide variety of ages of colleagues and even some who actually want to spend time with me outside of forced work interactions.

It was a long, tiring day for all that my tasks involved standing around wearing a suit and talking to people, but a good one.

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